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Reserve directly? 010 - 297 30 90


ss Rotterdam

Book a room on the ss Rotterdam

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Book a room on the ss Rotterdam

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ss Rotterdam

Not just a hotel

At ss Rotterdam you can not only spend the night, but it's also an excellent venue for dining, weddings or events!


Ocean Bar, Captains Lounge, Lido Terrace


Rooms, Packages


Lido, Club Room, Afternoon Tea


Meeting rooms, Packages




Event rooms, Packages


Event rooms, Packages

Discover the ship

Tours, Combination tickets, Escape Room

Hotel New York

Connected by old memories


DJ on our Lido Terrace

From Friday the 6th of July, the Lido Terrace will be a place with great music and cocktails. Every Friday and Saturday between 14:00 and 18:00 PM. There will be a DJ who will take care of some nice tunes and who will ensure that you experience the real cruise feeling. There is no need to buy tickets or to make a reservation, everyone is welcome!

Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour

Visit the bow, bridge, the wheelhouse and even peek into the areas at the back. Also visit the authentic rooms, like the Ambassador Lounge. All during our Sea Breeze Deluxe Tour! These rooms will simply take your breath away. You can take a guided tour on the ship by audiophone and listen to the stories about the ship, brought to you by our ship hosts. Ask for details at the hotel reception on the Main Deck.

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Afternoon Tea

The ss Rotterdam invites you to a lovely Afternoon Tea. Both small and large groups are welcome to join us on La Grande Dame, every day of the week. For private groups we will be delighted to prepare an individual offer.

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Exclusively at the ss Rotterdam

The most complete packages

€ 149.50

Holland-America Line Package

vanaf 2 personen

Meeting – 8 hours

Fine dining package

vanaf 2 personen

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ss Rotterdam

3e Katendrechtsehoofd 25, Rotterdam

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SS Rotterdam on Instagram

Your Instagram pic here? Post your picture of (or on) ss Rotterdam on Instagram using the hashtag #newmemories and we might repost it – of course with a mention – on the official ss Rotterdam Instagram account!

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The start of new memories

As the former flagship of the Holland-America Line, ss Rotterdam has sailed the seven seas. Discover La Grande Dame’s many stories and visit its authentic areas while you are eat, drink, sleep, party, meet or work. Today ss Rotterdam is permanently moored in Rotterdam and it's easy to reach.

Book a room on the ss Rotterdam

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ss Rotterdam on Facebook

Not all news items will appear on our website, but our Facebook page is updated daily. Like our page and don't miss out on anything!


ss Rotterdam


Postbus 2006 3000 CA Rotterdam

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Earlier this year, my next guest made headlines at the Conservative Political Action Conference when she challenged Conservatives about their indifference to women's issues.


MONA CHAREN: I'm disappointed in people on our side...

By editor Jul 1, 2018
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The World Cup is getting serious now. We are officially into the Round of 16, which means it's win or go home for the remaining teams. And indeed, some of the best players and teams are packing their bags.

By editor Jul 1, 2018
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It's been weeks since President Trump declared talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a great success. But today, the Washington Post is reporting that U.S. intelligence officials have concluded North Korea does not intend to fully surrender its nuclear stockpile.

By Anders Kelto Jun 30, 2018
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By editor Jun 30, 2018
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By editor Jun 30, 2018

With their signature harmonies, tight choreography and flashy outfits, The Temptations helped define the Motown sound.

Lesser known is what the five young men from Detroit had to sacrifice to get there. A new musical, appropriately titled chronicles the tumultuous journey of the Motown group. Behind their chart-topping hits and smooth melodies, the original group's climb to globetrotting superstardom was fraught with departures, deaths and ego during a turbulent 1960s America.

By John Burnett Jun 29, 2018

Now that President Trump can no longer separate migrant families apprehended at the border, his administration is preparing to lock them up as a unit.

The Defense Department is under orders to confine up to 12,000 immigrant parents with their children on military bases, as a way to deter future illegal immigration. Two installations in Texas plan to start putting up temporary housing after July Fourth.

Family confinement has a troubled, litigious history in the United States, and legal advocates for immigrants are preparing for a major battle ahead.

By editor Jun 29, 2018
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