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Statesman Skyline Theater Presents Dirty Heads SOJA plusspecial guests The Green and RDGLDGRN, July 21, 2017.

Formed in 2003 out of Huntington Beach, CA, DIRTY HEADS’most recent release Sound Of Change turned heads upon its July 2014 release. Esquire wrote, “ Sound of Change is brimming with the kind of catchy hooks that keep you plugged in for both their complex tones and cheerful breakdowns… we want seconds of whatever this pop/dance/rap hybrid is serving up.” The album debuted at #8 in the Billboard Top 200 chart and its first single, “My Sweet Summer,” was a #3 hit at alternative radio. DIRTY HEADS marks the bands fifth studio album, out July 15th, 2016, which debuted at #1 on the independent Label Albums Chart and #2 on the Alternative and Rock charts. “Oxygen” is the current single off the band’s latest album. Following the release, Dirty Heads headlined sold out shows at Irvine Amphitheatre and Red Rocks. The band also made their national morning television debut on NBC’s The Today Show last summer, performing the feel-good summer anthem, “That’s All I Need.”

SOJA is a 2x Grammy®-Nominated Washington, DC area-based band that blends reggae, go-go, DC hardcore, Latin, rock and hip-hop. The 8-piece group has built a massive, dedicated fan-base around the world. SOJA’s 3 most recent album releases — Live in Virginia (2016), Amid The Noise and Haste (2014), and Strength To Survive (2012) — all debuted at #1 on the Billboard and iTunes Reggae Charts, as well as in the Top 20 Billboard 200 Charts.

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PreFUNK Parking Pass Guaranteed easy-in easy-out parking spot at the Austin-American Statesman lot just 2 blocks from the Long Center. The PreFunk Parking Pass also includes many pre- and post- concert benefits from our next-door bars restaurants, including Aussies, Zax and Threadgills! Learn More .

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Picnic Pass Tired of waiting in long food lines at concerts? Have you ever wanted to bring your own food? Now you can with the Skyline Picnic Pass! It works just like a wine corkage fee at a restaurant, and guarantees you first entry into the venue. Learn more .

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VIP Tickets and the Skyline Club The Skyline Club is one of the best VIP experiences you will find at any concert venue. Enjoy the cool air of our indoor lounge as well as the view from our mezzanine level balcony.Be the VIP for a night! Mini Pink Delice Shoulder Bag Pink amp; Purple Miu Miu JVw35zhCW

VIP Tickets and the Skyline Club

Come Early to the Skyline Theater Once the doors have opened there will be plenty to keep you having fununtil it’s showtime! Entertainment includes games on the lawn, open food stands and food trucks, and of course full bars pouring. Check out the Dos Equis bar, the Fireman’s 4 Craft Beer Village, and the Vodka bar!

Rentalrates start at $85/hour for base model Seadoos, $80/hour for pontoons. Ask about our weekday specials and half/full day discounts. Competition Boats | Ski/Runabout Boats | Pontoon/Tritoon | ASOS DESIGN Tall skinny ponte pinstripe trousers White/navy Asos Tall ajrbA
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Axis T22 Wakeboard Boat – 2015 ($145/hour)

Length: 22′ Capacity: 15or 2575lbs Seats Comfortably:15 Engine: 350hp Indmar 350 Monsoon

If you are looking to tear up Lake Travis on a wakeboard, skis, or even a tube, this is the boat for you! With features including Surf Gate, which keeps the wake even on both sides of the boat, and The Wedge, which creates a larger wave, the Axis T22 is a must for watersport enthusiasts. First time out? No worries: the user-friendly dash and level ride make this boat easy and safe to operate.

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Length: 20′ 7″ Capacity: 13 or 1800lbs Seats Comfortably:13 Engine: 330hp Indmar Assault 330 CAT

The Moomba Mondo is in a class of its own when it comes to water sports. With a deep V-hull, it creates a giant surf wave and a substantial wake. This sleek boat will take you where you want to go, and fast. If you’re looking for a luxury boat with speed, stellar wakes and room for friends the Moomba Mondo is the one to get. Fuel not included.

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Length: 21′ Capacity: 15or 2575lbs Seats Comfortably:8 Engine: Volvo Penta

One of our newest, nicest premium boats. Plush upgraded seating, upgraded sound system with subwoofer, wakeboarding rack, perfect pass wakeboarding system, remote trim, the smooth, quiet Volvo 5.0 high horsepower/torque engine will impress any boater, ride in style and turn heads in this boat.

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Length: 21′ Capacity: 10 or 1442lbs Seats Comfortably:8 Engine: 5.0Volvo MPI

One of our newest, nicest premium boats. Plush upgradedseating, upgraded sound system with subwoofer, wakeboarding rack, perfect pass wakeboarding system, remote trim, the smooth, quiet Volvo 5.0 high horsepower/torque engine will impress any boater, ride in style and turn heads in this boat.

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Length: 20′ Capacity: 9 or 1330lbs Seats Comfortably:5 Engine: 5.7 Volvo

Our 2012 Regal Runabout ski boats are a perfect all around boat for a day in the sun. Does not have a tower, but does have a bimini top to keep you in the shade on a hot summer day. Great for skiing, tubing, and cruising at up to 50mph.

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Length: 26′ Capacity: 16 or 2900lbs Seats Comfortably:16
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Two years after my mother’s suicide, I’m finally comfortable talking about it—on my own terms.

By Torie Bosch

Photo illustration by Natalie Matthews-Ramo. Images by Thinkstock.

It’s so hard to talk about suicide.

When I tell someone that in March 2016 my mother … and in April 1995 my father … it’s difficult—and not just because it’s painful. I must be hypervigilant. As I tell the story, I watch people carefully. Are they showing signs of discomfort? Are they suddenly upset because they have been reminded of someone in their own lives? Do they think I am oversharing, burdening them with information that suggests I believe we have a closer friendship than they do? Are they scared I am settling in to unload tearfully for the next 45 minutes? Are they looking at me with horror as they recall that suicide runs in families?

These quick calculations of how the other person is responding allow me to rapidly change the subject if necessary. And it’s hard work.

But it’s also hard to find the actual words to talk about suicide. Hard to find the verbs, to be exact. In recent years, as part of the (very much needed) anti-stigma movement in mental health, there have been calls to limit use of the phrase “committed suicide.” As of 2015, the Associated Press style guide, which Slateroughly follows, says: “Avoid using committed suicide except in direct quotations from authorities. Alternate phrases include killed himself , took her own life or died by suicide .” Soon after the change, then–co-editor of the AP Stylebook David Minthorn told Poynter, “Committed in that context suggests possibly an illegal act, but in fact, laws against suicide have been repealed in the U.S., at least in certain states, and many other places … so we’re going to avoid using that term on our own, although it’s a term that authorities widely use and we will use it while quoting authorities.” In an essay from the Mighty titled “ Please Stop Saying ‘Committed Suicide’ ” Kyle F., whose brother …, echoed this argument:

Historically, in the United States and beyond, the act of suicide was deemed a crime. Until as recently as 1963, six states still considered attempted suicide a criminal act. … Thankfully laws have changed, but our language has not. And the residue of shame associated with the committal of a genuine crime remains attached to suicide. My brother did commit a crime. He resorted to suicide, which he perceived, in his unwell mind, to be the only possible solution to his tremendous suffering. If I was telling you about a friend or loved one who actuallycommit a crime, chances are I’d feel at least a little embarrassment or shame on behalf of that person. But I don’t feel even the tiniest bit of shame about how Jeff died.

I empathize with Kyle F. But I don’t agree that the word “commit” is necessarily related to crime, nor that the phrase “committed suicide” brings shame.

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// Psychology Help Center // The road to resilience

How do people deal with difficult events that change their lives? The death of a loved one, loss of a job, serious illness, terrorist attacks and other traumatic events : these are all examples of very challenging life experiences. Many people react to such circumstances with a flood of strong emotions and a sense of uncertainty.

Yet people generally adapt well over time to life-changing situations and stressful conditions. What enables them to do so? It involves resilience, an ongoing process that requires time and effort and engages people in taking a number of steps.

This brochure is intended to help readers with taking their own road to resilience. The information within describes resilience and some factors that affect how people deal with hardship. Much of the brochure focuses on developing and using a personal strategy for enhancing resilience.

What is resilience?

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress — such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems or workplace and financial stressors. It means "bouncing back" from difficult experiences.

Research has shown that resilience is ordinary, not extraordinary. People commonly demonstrate resilience. One example is the response of many Americans to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and individuals' efforts to rebuild their lives.

Being resilient does not mean that a person doesn't experience difficulty or distress. Emotional pain and sadness are common in people who have suffered major adversity or trauma in their lives. In fact, the road to resilience is likely to involve considerable emotional distress.

Resilience is not a trait that people either have or do not have. It involves behaviors, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone.

Resilience factors strategies
Factors in Resilience

A combination of factors contributes to resilience. Many studies show that the primary factor in resilience is having caring and supportive relationships within and outside the family. Relationships that create love and trust, provide role models and offer encouragement and reassurance help bolster a person's resilience.

Several additional factors are associated with resilience, including:

All of these are factors that people can develop in themselves.

Strategies For Building Resilience

Developing resilience is a personal journey. People do not all react the same to traumatic and stressful life events. An approach to building resilience that works for one person might not work for another. People use varying strategies.

Some variation may reflect cultural differences. A person's culture might have an impact on how he or she communicates feelings and deals with adversity — for example, whether and how a person connects with significant others, including extended family members and community resources. With growing cultural diversity, the public has greater access to a number of different approaches to building resilience.

Some or many of the ways to build resilience in the following pages may be appropriate to consider in developing your personal strategy.

The capacity to make realistic plans and take steps to carry them out.

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